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  • I bought an accounting package 2 years ago , and since i have been using it I've realized how much profit i have been making and business is booming.



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All our training(for osFinancials & SmartBank) is structured in such a way that it will make your Accounting experience easier.

osFinancials is Accounting made easy. Its uncomplicated menus make navigation simple. However, without training it’s almost impossible to unlock the potential of any computer software. osFinancials save you and your company money – It’s dependable; takes full control of your business Accounting and free up your time to focus on building your business and develop long-term customer relationships with your clients.

SmartBank training is basically aimed at an advance user of Accounting packages (be it Pastel, osFinancials, Palladium).The program reduces the ammount of work that goes into capturing daily cash book transactions -the software imports bank statements straight into various accounting packages saving up to 90% in time and costs.

Types of courses offered:

SmartBank Comprehensive / Basics of Accounting & osFinancials / Advanced osFinancials Course                                                                                                                       

  • Basics of Accounting and osFinancials Course(aimed at Standard Release Users): We teach you the fundementals of accounting and introductory 1-day introductory course that teaches you the basics of osFinancials and how to  make the most of your osFinancials accounting experience.
  • Advanced osFinancials Course (aimed at  Premium Release Users): a 3-day course that builds up on your basic knowledge and how to use advanced osFinancials features. We highly recommend that learners of this course must have practical user experience of osFinancials for at least a year. It is highly recommended that learners must have advanced knowledge of accounting.  Payroll-plug-in does payroll calculations, leave registers, tax year end and it interfaces seamlessly with osFinancials Software.
  • SmartBank Comprehensive Course: a 1-day course that takes SmartBank users from basic to advanced features of SmartBank.


For more details on how you can access a course that suits your needs – please call our Training Unit in Johannesburg on 0860082274. Alternatively, you can email us at or

We also have resellers and training partners based in Cape Town, Durban, Polokwane, Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Please contact Sylvain at 072 182 8216 our Johannesburg Head Office for details of the nearest training provider in your province.

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